Update from Nathan Katz in Europe


"I was in France training at INEF and INSEP with Owen Livesey from Camberley and I got a message from a friend of mine and former National team/Paris GS medal winner Javier Delgado asking me if I wanted to fight for his Club team A.J.M Madrid in the National Spanish League. 


Javier looked after us so well (2 other athletes from Camberley also fought with me) and made us feel very welcome. The Spanish League runs a little differently to Bundesliga in Germany were only 2 foreigners can fight for each team. In the Spanish League, as many foreign athletes can fight each round as you like so each team is very much restricted by their budget and how much they can afford to pay foreign athletes.


My team consisted of me at 66kgs and 4 other Spanish athletes from 73kgs to +90 with my Camberley teammate also fighting once at +90. The format presented a lot of challenges in itself with the weigh-in only 1 hour before your first fight and with no weight allowance it is a big change from a night before weigh-in from normal IJF events.


I won each of my fights, and fought pretty well all day, with our team winning it's 3 matches 3-2, 4-1 and 3-2. For my first ever experience in a foreign team's league it was an awesome experience to compete in such a good atmosphere with a very passionate and vocal crowd and a lot on the line for the Spanish teams with Prize money and club pride at stake. I'm looking forward to going back to Spain and fighting in the next round in May and also fighting Bundesliga later on this year for Hamburg Judo Team. "

Nathan Katz

Nathan Katz